Complete Water Analysis Solutions : Chemicals, Physical & Microbial

Product range

Merck Life Sciences

Classical Analysis

Merck Millipore is a global leader in providing the highest quality and purity of laboratory chemicals. We offer their industrial solutions for chromatography, instrumental analysis, and chemical synthesis.

Environmental Simulation / Stability Testing

Environmental Simulation

Vötsch Technik, now known as Weiss Technik, is the market leader in Environmental Simulation, Clean Room Solutions, Cooling Solutions and  Stability Testing. For accelerated sun simulation, we offer technically diverse solutions from instruments to contract testing at Atlas Material Testing Solutions sites. 

RADWAG Weighing Solutions

Weighing Solutions

Established in 1984, Radwag Balances & Scales produces innovative products for weighing in laboratory and industrial applications. Currently RADWAG is the 2nd largest electronic balances manufacturer in the world. 

Merck Emprove

Emprove Program

Merck's Emprove program offers a wide range of pharmaceutical raw materials for formulating and enhancing drug delivery. With the Emprove program, Merck develops products for each step of the production process. 

Merck Performance & Cosmetic Materials

Performance Materials

Performance Materials is a branch of Merck KGaA that deals with innovative products for everyday consumer use. These products can consist of decorative effect pigments for the automobile industry, plastics,foods, and paints. Furthermore, Merck offers functional pigments for Printed Circuits, Currency Security, and conductive materials. 

Water, Food & Environmental Analysis

Water Analysis

A New Class of Spectrophotometers for Water Analysis: Intuitive, innovative and preprogrammed for the broadest range of test kits, Spectroquant® Prove makes water analysis smoother than ever. We also provide technical know-how and complementary instruments to support all your water analysis needs.