Complete Water Analysis Solutions : Chemicals, Physical & Microbial

Weighing Solutions

Laboratory Solutions

Analytical Balances

RADWAG offers a wide range of laboratory balances from Micro-Balances to Top Loading Precision Balances. 

We also offer the full range of servicing and qualifications needed to set up your laboratory.

Mass Comparison

Mass Standards & Mass Comparators

Weather you are looking into purchasing Mass Standards or Comparing them, RADWAG offers the full range of OIML Mass Standards and a variety of Mass Comparators to go along with you Calibrating laboratory.

Industrial Weighing

Industrial Scales

Heavy duty industrial scales with a variety of IP rating options from IP 43 dust resistance to IP 69K Water & Dust Resistance. 

We also offer services for installing and Prepackaged Goods Control.

Check-Weighing Solutions

Checkweighers and Pre-packaged Goods Control

Automate your production and weighing with the DWT Check-Weighers from RADWAG. Offering full automation with a feedback loop to your batching machines, trend analysis, and automated Prepackaged Goods Control. 


Printers, External Buttons, Cases, and more.

Our accessries go hand in hand with our Balances & Scales to offer full functionality.

  • Softwares for database management
  • Printers & Label Makers
  • External buttons 
  • weighing modules

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